Our History

From Roots to Rainwater: Our Gutter Cleaning Journey

A Brief History About Clean Gutters

Back in 2015, right here in good ol’ Barrie, a straightforward idea was brewing: folks needed their gutters cleaned properly and reliably. Armed with a ladder and a truck, the Clean Gutters legacy to prevent rainwater from damaging homes, was born.

Seeing firsthand the mess that ignored gutters can make – water damage, mold, and homes looking worse for wear – the man behind the mission Chad Clarke knew there was a gap to fill. Many homeowners just didn’t have the knack or the time to keep their gutters spick and span.

Starting out, it was all about rolling up the sleeves and doing the gritty work for his friends and neighbours. Word travels fast in a tight-knit community like Barrie, and soon enough, the calls kept coming. By 2020, Clean Gutters had become the household name not just in Barrie, but neighbouring towns too like BarrieAllistonOrilliaMidlandBradfordCollingwood Innisfil– Newmarket – Wasaga BeachStaynerBradfordGwillimbury + and most of the Surrounding Areas.

Always keen on adapting, the team brought in some modern tools, including drones for those tricky spots, but without forgetting the old-school work ethic. Training became a cornerstone, ensuring that every job, big or small, was done with the same diligence.

But Clean Gutters inc. was, and always has been, more than just a business. With roots deep in Barrie, giving back was a no-brainer. So, every year since 2023, the crew gets out there, cleaning gutters for local spots like schools and community centers, and even lending a hand to neighbours who could use it.

Respecting the environment also became part of the ethos. Green products, responsible disposal, and a commitment to do right by Barrie and Mother Nature.

Fast forward to today, and Clean Gutters has grown from that one-man mission to a small fleet-strong force. Yet at its core, it remains all about offering reliable, honest work to the good folks of Barrie and its surrounds . It’s not just about clean gutters; it’s about community, dedication, and a job well done.