Should Gutters with Gutter Guards Still Be Cleaned?

Should Gutters with Gutter Guards Still Be Cleaned?

Gutters are an essential component of any building, directing rainwater away from the structure and preventing potential water damage.Nevertheless, with the passage of time, they may amass debris like leaves, twigs, and soil. This brings us to a popular solution: gutter guards. These protective barriers are designed to keep gutters free from large debris. But does having gutter guards mean you can skip regular maintenance altogether? In this blog, we’ll explore the relation between gutter guard cleaning and its necessity.

Understanding Gutter Guards

Before delving into gutter guard cleaning, it’s important to comprehend what gutter guards are. Simply put, they are protective meshes, covers, or screens that are installed over your gutters. Their main function is to prevent large debris from entering the gutters while allowing water to flow freely. This sounds ideal, but is it really the end of your gutter maintenance?

The Truth about Gutter Guard Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Guards Aren’t Impenetrable: Even the best gutter guards can’t block out all debris. Smaller particles like pine needles, small seeds, and shingle grit can still find their way through or around many guards. Over time, this minor debris can accumulate and impede water flow.
  • Debris on Top: While gutter guards prevent a majority of leaves and large debris from entering the gutter, this debris doesn’t magically disappear. Instead, it often rests on top of the gutter guards. Depending on the design, debris might need regular clearing from the guard’s surface to ensure effective water passage.
  • Possible Nesting Sites: Birds and pests can sometimes view the debris accumulated on top of gutter guards as an attractive nesting spot. Periodic checks and cleaning can prevent these unwanted guests.
  • Maintaining Efficiency: Over time, the efficiency of the guards can be compromised by the accumulated debris. Regular gutter guard cleaning ensures that they remain effective in channelling water away from your property.


How Often Should You Clean?

With gutter guards, the frequency of cleaning will undoubtedly reduce, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for maintenance. It’s advisable to inspect your gutters at least twice a year – once in the spring and once in late autumn. If you’re in an area with many trees or frequent storms, you might need to inspect more frequently.

Tips for Gutter Guard Cleaning

Safety First: Always use a stable ladder, and if possible, have someone spot you. Consider using ladder stabilizers for added safety.
Soft Cleaning: For cleaning the surface of the guards, often a soft brush or blower is sufficient to remove loose debris.
Check the Inside: Periodically, lift a section of the guard to inspect the inside of the gutter, ensuring no smaller debris has accumulated inside.
Professional Help: If you’re unsure about the state of your gutters or simply prefer not to do it yourself, consider hiring professionals who offer gutter guard gutter cleaning services.


In conclusion, while gutter guards are a fantastic addition to reduce the frequency and intensity of gutter maintenance, they don’t entirely eliminate the need for cleaning. Regular gutter guard cleaning ensures that both the gutters and the guards function at their best, protecting your property and ensuring longevity. It’s all about maintaining a balance between preventive measures and periodic maintenance for a hassle-free gutter system.